Class Descriptions

These are the classes that Gym Quest currently offers.  Note the age requirement, gender requirement (if any), duration of the class, cost per 6-week session, and a short description of the class.

Each class is taught by Coaches who are licensed and safety-certified by USA Gymnastics, and

LOVE to Teach!

If you have any questions about the classes we offer, or if you aren't sure which class would be most suitable for you or your child, feel free to email us at

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Quest Beginners

$108 / Semester  |  Ages: ~1.5 - 2.5 years |  45 min.

A parent accompanies their child in the gym during this class which is geared towards younger preschoolers.  Kids will learn the basics of safety and gymnastics in a colorful and engaging environment that fosters development of their motor skills and coordination.

Quest Kids I

$111 / Semester |  Ages: 2.5 - 4 years  |  45 min.

For the child ready to take classes without a parent in the gym, Quest Kids I uses similar obstacle courses and skill progressions to Quest Beginners in order to help refine the coordination and motor control of a young preschooler with a greater emphasis on patterns and following directions.

Quest Kids II

$116 / Semester  |  Ages: 3.5 - 6 years  |  60 min.

This class continues to use colorful obstacles and progressions to transition older preschoolers into trying more involved and advanced skills.  Quest Kids II emphasizes trying different skills on similar equipment to encourage kids to explore different ways of doing gymnastics.

Quest Homeschool

$15/Class Under 5.5 Years 45 min.

 $20 Class 5.5 Years & Up 

Participants learn basic level gymnastics skills while fulfilling their physical education requirement, with opportunities to advance to other classes and to the Competitive Team Program!  Classes are separated by age. 

Quest Intermediate

$158 / Semester  |  Ages: 6+ years  |  90 min.

If the numbers allow, we will split out the boys and girls

Athletes with some moderate experience in the gym who want to continue to learn in a recreational environment will feel right at home in Quest Intermediate.  This class will place an emphasis on skill connections while athletes continue to improve upon and learn new skills.

Trampoline & Tumbling

$116/ Semester |  Ages: 6+ years  |  1 hour

The perfect class for divers, cheerleaders, or athletes who just want to learn how to tumble, flip, and jump.  Trampoline & Tumbling spends most of its time trying out skills on our 50-foot Tumbl Trak, twin trampolines, and competition grade spring floor.

Quest Introduction

$116/ Semester  |  Ages: 6+ years  |  60 min.

If the numbers allow, we will split out the boys and girls

If you're looking for the best place for your school-aged child to take their first step into the world of gymnastics, look no further!  Quest Introduction teaches basic skills and safety on each Olympic event and allows kids the opportunity to set goals for themselves in a fun and low pressure atmosphere.

Quest Advanced

$197 / session  |  Ages: 6+  years  |  2 hours

The sky is the limit for athletes in Quest Advanced.  For the athlete with an ambition for new skills and a desire for the low-pressure attitude of a recreational class, Quest Advanced offers students every opportunity to learn the skills, connections, and routines of their dreams.

Quest Warriors

$116 / Semester  |  Ages: 6+ years  |  1 hour

Learn to utilize strength, agility, coordination, and critical thinking to overcome obstacles using acrobatics and power.  Creativity is the name of the game as athletes work with their coaches to invent new ways to build and overcome obstacles; all in a safe environment.

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