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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I enroll my child in a class?

Any time! Gym Quest has open enrollment at all times. There is no need to wait until a new session begins to sign up. We will pro-rate your tuition or arrange make-up classes to account for any part of the session that you may have missed. Classes are oriented towards the individual athlete rather than a set class curriculum so athletes are in no danger of falling behind or being met with a steep learning curve. Our open enrollment policy also allows athletes to transfer to a different class at any time.

What should my child wear for classes?

Kids in classes should dress for physical activity.  A form-fitting T-shirt and either shorts above the knee or exercise pants are appropriate.  Girls are permitted to wear leotards, and boys singlets, but neither are required.  Long hair should be tied back.  Jewelry is not permitted except stud earrings.  Loose or baggy clothing is not permitted.  Athletes are barefoot in the gym.  Socks are prohibited on certain events.

When are payments due?

Monthly payments are due by the 5th of each month.  A late fee of $25 will be assessed for payments received after the 5th of the month. A returned check fee of $35 will be assessed for all checks not honored.


Alleviate the stress and hassle of remembering your monthly tuition - ask us how to sign up for Auto-pay!

What is Gym Quest's closing policy for inclement weather?

Gym Quest will attempt to stay open for all schedule classes.  We ask that families use their best judgement with the safety of the drivers and athletes in mind.  If you judge that it is unsafe to travel to and from the gym, please stay home and schedule a make-up class.  If the gym must close unexpectedly, all affected families will be contacted and a notice will be placed on the Gym Quest Home Page.

How can my child join the competitive team?

Athletes join the competitive teams by special reccomendation from a Gym Quest coach, or referral from another gym accompanied by an evaluation at Gym Quest.  If your athlete is interested in joining a competitive team, we encourage all athletes to make such goals known to their class instructors.

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