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*  Sibling Discounts start at 15%!

*  Referral Bonus: Receive $10 OFF your tuition amount when you refer a friend who registers and pays for classes!                  (friend must tell us your name)

Effective Immediately:  Credit cards can not be used to make payments for more than 1 session in advance.  Advance payments for more than 1 session can only be made by cash or check.

Detailed in the tables, this price schedule outlines the cost for each class offered at Gym Quest.  The price listed for "1 session" covers 8 classes pursuant to the session schedule.  We accept payment via any major credit card, personal or cashier's check made out to "Gym Quest," or cash in exact change for payments of 1 session.   Gym Quest provides discounts for paying for more than one session and can only be done via cash or check.


Registration Fee:  There is a once-per-school-year registration fee of $35.00 per athlete.  This fee is charged per student, not per enrollment, and remains valid for future enrollments made in the same school year, even if a student becomes inactive at some point during that period.  This fee is not subject to sibling and multiple enrollment discounts.  Gym Quest does not profit from registration fees.  They cover the administrative and insurance costs associated with new athletes.


First Billing Cycle:  If you enroll during a semester rather than at the beginning, your first bill will be pro-rated to reflect missed classes and will be due immediately.


Standard Billing Cycle: Gym Quest bills 2 weeks prior to the beginning of a new session.  If you enrolled during the last two weeks of a session, you will be billed for the next session at that time.  Please consult the right-hand table above for billing and due dates.


Dropping an Enrollment:  By default, every enrollment remains active until June 18th.  If you would like to drop your enrollment early, please alert Gym Quest either in writing or by sending an email to  If you request to drop your enrollment within 7 days of the start of a new session, you will not be held financially responsible for the new session (notwithstanding any additional classes attended).


Refunds: Gym Quest is not able to refund any money paid except where required by law, and under extreme circumstances on a case-by-case basis.  If you believe you are entitled to a refund, please contact the office.


Online Payments: To make a payment online by credit card, log in through the Gym Quest Parent Portal and click on "Make a Payment."


Automatic Billing & Payments: Gym Quest offers automatic payment options for all families.  To enroll in automatic payments, please visit the office in person and fill out the authorization form.  Gym Quest will not automatically charge any cards entered into the Parent Portal unless an authorization form is signed and on file in the office.


(Gym Quest Gymnastics is a PCI-Compliant company.  Sensitive payment information is never retained on the premises.)

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