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3 Reasons to Enroll Your Child in Gymnastics this Summer

Gymnastics classes are a great way for kids to kick boredom and learn new skills while being physically active. To learn more about the summer programs offered at Gym Quest Gymnastics air conditioned facility, call (804) 262-9400. Explore this website for information on our summer fun days and class sessions, including camps and our new Summer Flex Pass!

1. Prevent Boredom

“Mom and Dad, I’m bored!” is often repeated throughout summer vacation. Don’t let your little ones get to this point. Sign them up for gymnastics classes and soon you’ll be hearing all about their exciting new moves. If they already do gymnastics during the school year, this is a way to ensure they don’t forget the skills they’ve learned.

2. Promote Physical Activity & Skill Development

For many families, it’s easy to grow sedentary during summer vacation as video games, movies, and TV shows tempt kids into sitting around all day. This can lead to loss of muscle and weight gain. Get your kids active by signing them up for gymnastics classes. They’ll have so much fun learning cartwheels, handstands, tumbling, and trampoline tricks they won’t even realize they’re burning calories and gaining muscle.

3. Experience More

Summer gymnastics classes aren’t just about learning the sport. Attendees love playing games, dancing, learning ninja moves and even trying out an obstacle course. Every kid will enjoy this plethora of activities to get them moving this summer.


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